Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pforzheim Summer show2009

In my last show in Pforzheim I presented 3 different designs with 3 models. All models are end result of 1st mill data from Alias. There are still many things which I am not happy with from digital phase to actual physical model. A lot more can still be refine and adjust. Only if I can get my hands on clay. Then the result will be alot better. Unfortunately schedule and budget wise won't allow me to do so.

E-Formula_ Model

E- Formula_5

E- Formula_4

E- Formula_3

Early sketch

E- Formula _2

E- Formula

E- Formula is a concept study for the future mid size sedan in 2020. The design intends to balance the elements of sportiness and elegance. To create an active and sophisticated vehicle. The design uses Mercedes Benz E - class as a bench mark. It consider the brand value and propose new design language for the premium auto maker.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hybrid Glider G1_Model

Hybrid Glider G1_Alias

Hybird Glider G1_ 2

Hybrid Glider G1_1

Hybrid glider G1 is a vision of the future transportation system in 2040. It is a single seater super compact vehicle, travel both on magnetic railway and also on road. G1 travels manually within the city and automatically via HSR system for longer distance

Ford Robotic motion

Evolution of next Kinetic design language for Ford Europe. Inspired by Bionic Robot


Since it's an interior project this time the only problem is.... How to show it??
So I made the door open by remote control in order to show what's inside..

Honda Celestial dowry _ Model

Honda Celestial dowry _ Alias2

Honda Celestial dowry _ Alias

Honda Celestial Dowry Ext

Honda Celestial Dowry

 Honda sponsored interior project. The brief requires to pick a F1 driver and a country.
The design scenario base on what if Jenson Button got married in Japan. What kind of car will he be driving?  Both exterior and interior are inspired by the Japanese crane. Elegant, sophisticated divine animal which often used in the traditional Japanese wedding to congratulate the new couple.